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Routine and high risk obstetrics for Central Virginia women

Central Virginia OB/GYN offers prenatal and postnatal care that nurtures the well-being of both you and your child.  Your physical and psychological health directly affects your baby. Dr. Kil will continually assess your condition during your pregnancy. 

You’ll be screened for disease, high-risk conditions, and other issues, and your emotional status will be monitored.  Together, you and Dr. Kil can make adjustments or take action as needed to ensure your health and the health of your child.

During your pregnancy, take some time to learn about Cord Blood Banking.  


Pre-Conception Counseling

When you are considering pregnancy, pre-conception counseling will help you identify conditions that may affect the course of a future pregnancy and the health of a fetus.  Many times such conditions respond to intervention, enhancing your odds of a healthy pregnancy, delivery and baby.

High Risk Pregnancy

If your doctor identifies yours as a high-risk pregnancy, it’s even more critical that you get regular specialized care.  In addition to careful monitoring to catch issues before they become problems, your doctor may recommend counseling in nutrition, exercise, stress management and other topics.  It’s a fact:  women who receive early and regular prenatal care are more likely to have healthier babies.  And if after the birth you or your baby requires specialized care, your provider will help you learn to attend to your own needs while you attend to the needs of your newborn.


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